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Chicken Wings
Our Seasoned Jumbo Wings Crispy Fried. Served with Your Favorite Sauce and Served with a Side of Scratch Made Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing and Crisp Cold Celery Sticks
Signature Sauces:
Buffalo- Hot or Mild, Spicy Island BBQ Sauce, Our Signature Coney Island Root Beer BBQ, or
Tomorrows Burn [Scratch-Made Maple Bourbon Habanero Sauce]

Available Items
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Jumbo & Crispy of Breaded Boneless Wings
5 Jumbo $7.99 or 8 Boneless $8.99 10 Jumbo $12.49 or 12 Boneless $11.99 15 Jumbo $15.99 or 16 Boneless $13.99 Scratch-Made Sauces Tossed with Your Wings or Served on the Side (1 Sauce Choice per 5 Wings, Extra Sauces +$1.29 Each