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It's A Wrap
All Wraps Served with Tortilla chips

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Buffalo Chicken* $9.99 each
[Signature Item] L, P, T, O, Served with Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing

Cajun Beef Filet Tips* $13.49 each
L, P, T, O, Served with Mustard Sauce

Cajun Grilled Cod* $10.49 each
L, P, T, O, Served with Tartar Sauce

Garden-Vege $9.49 each
Lettuce, Pickle, Tomato and Grilled Onion & Mushrooms and Steamed Broccoli. Served with Garden Salsa

Grilled Chicken Caesar $10.99 each
Kale-Romaine, Tomato, Parmesan Cheese. Served with Italian Caesar Dressing